1 month ago

Ogre Gods - Part 6 - Monotheism As Well As Mono-Ogre God

Third, ensure you monitor everyone. While it is true that church leaders have big roles to play, you must not forget to visit and revisit the concerns -no matter how petty- of your brethren. Develop a regular gathering that will allow the people l read more...

1 month ago

Christian Salvation In A Nutshell

The question arises did the Romans at period knew where Christians buried their flat? The answer is yes they did. Under Roman law and custom every body was guaranteed a grave. Now

1 month ago

Determining Which Church Jesus Established

18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire [the riches of god, the father not earthly wealth], that thou mayest be rich; and white [stands for purity] raiment [material], that thou mayest be clothed [purity on the Lord], as well as the read more...

5 months ago

Boost Your Spirituality Having A Religious Audio Book

In the end, most religions are systems of beliefs, requiring an part of faith to take as truth concepts which cannot be empirically tested on. And by lutheran st read more...